Coming Out: further postponement – now with reruns!

This weekend, I worked a little under thirty hours, if you count Friday evening, which I do, because it’s supposed to be time off. Thirty hours, at a job that I 80% hate.

This week, I’m following up on that joy by “coming out” to my mother about some bad experiences I’ve previously kept secret– eventually. It’ll hopefully put an end to all the conversations that are just “your social anxiety and depression have no cause, so stop it!” so it’s going to be a good thing– eventually. I’ll probably post the letter I’m giving her, as soon as we both stop crying, so I guess I’ll see you next week. Eventually.

I’m feeling guilty about failing so spectacularly to re-commit to the blog, immediately after swearing to do that very thing, but, uh, life’s been rough. I’m thinking a lot, and writing a little, and things will follow. I’m not sure what form those Things will take, but they’ll certainly be interesting.

In the mean time, I’m going to be reposting some of those posts tagged “critique,” especially the ones that start tying different movies together, because, darn it, that’s the blogging that I want to be doing!

They’re my favourites of what Gender Goggles has on offer, so I hope you enjoy them!


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