Two out of three isn’t bad!

So, I just got the cutest, most misguided troll comment ever:

you’reeee alllll gayyyyyyyy

Thanks, Aimee, for that fascinating insight! Unfortunately, this blog was “alllll gayyyyyyyy” when it was just Crowfoot and myself blogging here, but since the arrival of Jo, we’ve gone down to 66% gayyyyyyyy. However, I’m not sure what this has to do with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mr. Yunioshi, and good old-fashioned racism! Or why you think we’d object to a mostly-factual statement on our sexual orientations!

Regardless, I appreciate the laugh! Normally I consider three words to be not quite enough to add to the conversation, but this is too good not to share. Everyone, meet Aimee, also known as Aimeeeeeeee theeee trolllllllllll!


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