Why I will now hate Polanski forever

Today, I was telling a friendly acquaintance that I was thinking about going to grad school in film, and getting into movies as a career.

Her first response? She asked, “Oh, have you heard about that Polanski thing?”

I said, “Yes. I think convicted criminals are supposed to get sentenced.”

She was relieved.

Polanski and his supporters are tainting the entire film industry with their approval of a convicted child rapist, to the extent that it’s almost embarrassing for me to admit that I want to join that industry, because people will assume that I agree. I have to reassure people that I don’t think good movies are some kind of get-out-of-justice-free card.

What the hell, people. What the hell.


2 Responses to Why I will now hate Polanski forever

  1. Heavy Armor says:

    And no one is talking about the crime itself.

    Roman’s defenders are busy pointing at the victim who is trying to move on with her own life (and rightfully so, BTW) – and not because she doesn’t think that Roman should not face the music.

    In order to defend the indefensible here (he pleaded guilty to the crime in question, and high-tailed it away when it looked like he would spend time in ACTUAL prison), his defenders have attempted to minimize the crime; or they have blamed it on the victim (or the victim’s mother); or behaved as concern trolls in this case, blaming law enforcement for “doggedly pursuing” an upstanding man when their resources could be spent somewhere else. Note that the “somewhere else” is never defined – and in this case, it is also irrelevant; Polanski was not being sought on an outstanding warrant for an unpaid traffic citation, he was an actual fugitive from the law.

    The TV pundits looking to take advantage of Roman Polanski aren’t doing so out of concern for the young woman who was raped OR for seeking justice from a man who was a fugitive from the law, but rather to paint Roman’s crime as symptomatic of “Liberal Hollywood.” This allows the pundits to screed on about the sins of Hollywood – all the while leaving the victim of Polanski’s crime (aided and abetted by far too many people) on the side of the road.

    In other words, this has turned into a sideshow like everything else out of Hollywood, and it looks like the players on Roman’s defense nor the pundits looking to cleanse Hollywood of its supposed liberal-ness has any clue what they really mean.

    (Sorry for the length)

  2. Really?? No one’s ever said that to me!

    That’s strange…

    Ugh, what a creep.

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