I’m a young lady, a student who is currently on leave, and a feminist. I’m still doing my best to educate myself on, well, everything, but I like to think I know what I’m talking about most of the time.

I’m very into film, politics, and books. I want to make movies after I graduate, hopefully as an editor, although obviously I’ll do some screenwriting on the side. In the mean time, I’m majoring in Arabic, because it’s a fun language to learn and because it’ll probably help me get some steady employment.


Our new co-blogger from Canada, this feminist’s bio is still on the way.


I’m liberal by nature, radical feminist by choice. I grew up in parts of the U.S. that pretty much thought all that feminism stuff was hooey, and I got pretty sick of godbaggery and its stipulations as to what a “proper young lady” should do at a fairly early age. I managed a weak fun-feminism while still in those parts, and graduated to a stronger actual feminism, which has developed into radical feminism in the last few years.

I am currently attempting to raise a child, so defeating the concept of a gender binary is pretty much an obsession of mine right now. I tend to wax eloquent about all things geek, as well as getting downright ranty from time to time, usually about the patriarchy and/or MRA bullshit, although unintentionally poor grammar and punctuation will do it too.

Gender goggles??

Eloriane chose the name because this blog is all about observing and analyzing the world from a very gender-conscious point of view. In other words, we look at the world with my Gender Goggles on, and this is what we see.


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