Women’s Art: Lee Miller

March 15, 2009

Tonight, as I was reading How to Impress A Hipster in an effort to either gain inspiration for writing or to avoid writing altogether, I came across a post on Lee Miller. Firstly, I was somewhat disturbed by how many of the hipster things that I loved. I guess I lose hipster creds for not really knowing who she was? But then I knew all the Bauhaus/Cabinet of Dr Caligari ones and I was a fan of Tom Waits before the y’all were born. Oh wait – boasting isn’t really hipster-ish, is it? ok maybe I fail at Hipsterdom. Why does that just make me happy?

Anyways, Lee Miller (this link takes you to her archive site). The name sounded vaguely familiar – something about a woman starting as an assistant to a Great Artist, maybe even actually being responsible for some of said Great Artist’s work, then going on to do her own amazing stuff which is quickly forgotten. Ah yes. Never happens to female artists at all. Instead, she tends to be reduced to the Great Artist’s Muse or some such (She has since been rediscovered, of course, and is no longer considered just some dudes’ muse). A surrealist photographer of the 30s and 40s, this “muse” was also the official war photographer for Vogue Magazine during WW2.

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